“Where did you get that? It’s so cool!”
These were the words which inspired me to start this business.

A few years ago, I went back to Canada to see some friends and to visit my host family from when I was a student. One day I met a friend at a café in Vancouver. I was wearing my favorite necklace. A woman sitting at the next table saw my necklace and said, “Where did you get that necklace? It’s so cool!” I was surprised at first — I’m not used to strangers asking me questions like that out of the blue – but then I felt incredibly happy. It was my favorite Japanese Kogei hand-made piece of art. I said “Thank you!” and told her about the techniques used in making the necklace. We ended up having a lively discussion because she was an art fan, just like me.
I had had similar experiences in Japan before, but that was the first time something like this had happened abroad. The experience got me thinking seriously about starting up this business. You might think I sound naïve, but I really do believe that Japanese Kogei arts and crafts have a unique fascination and appeal!
Japanese Kogei arts and crafts, ranging from contemporary fashion accessories to home décor products, have not really been exported before. They are not popular overseas because they are still relatively unknown. My aim is to introduce Kogei products and artisans to people all over the world who love excellent art. I’m looking forward to seeing what people in your country think about our products, and how the market for them develops. I strive to provide the best service in the most transparent way possible.
I would appreciate your feedback and would love to hear any suggestions you have. Please feel free to contact me at

JAPANIQUE, President
Yohei Takeda
15th October 2015, Osaka