Hideaki Hosokawa / Bamboo Art

Chihiro Yamawaki / Japanese Lacquer Art (Urushi Art)

Riko Tsuboi / Japanese Lacquer Art (Urushi Art)

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JAPANIQUE is a sales collective for handcrafted fashion accessories and home décor items,
all made with traditional Japanese Kogei techniques. We are here to introduce you to new styles and techniques of Japanese arts and crafts. We ship our products all over the world.
This site is a web catalog for export sales, not an online shopping site.

  • Export Service

    We deliver our products worldwide to a customer base of people who are looking for something new and unique.

  • Custom Order

    We are keen love to hear any individual requests. We love designing and making unique items for our customers!

  • Creator Lookup

    You can see the information on the artisans and see the story behind their creations by reading the QR code.


We showcase the stories behind the creation of each of our featured items. All our products are unique and one-of-a-kind, made by skillful artisans. We hope you find the stories which lie behind these products as fascinating and engaging as we do.