TKS-01514 ##


This porcelain ring is made with a new ceramic material used for tooth fillings, and fired at a high temperature to give it durability. Kutani Porcelain is distinguished by the intricate pictures and patterns painted onto it, featuring five key colors (green, yellow, purple, dark blue and red), as well as new, modern colors, and sometimes gold.

— Our products are mostly handmade with natural materials, so they may differ in terms of shapes or coloring. Any differences are part of their charm and a sign of their uniqueness.
— Delivery time depends on the art or craft work ordered, its design and the number of items you order. Most goods are delivered in approximately three to six months. Your understanding is appreciated.


Material: Porcelain clay
Size: 2.7×2.7×0.6cm / 1.07×1.07×0.24″
Weight: 5g / 0.18oz

*The size cannot be designated because the slight difference occurs by firing of porcelain.
*We could arrange the ring into ring chocker. Please refer to this picture.
Quantity Limited* 20
*Maximum quantity the artisan handmade the same product for overseas sales.


Soubun Taka
Ceramic Art / Kutani Porcelain
Mr. Taka was born in Kutani porcelain artisan family starting from his grandfather. Watching over his father and grandfather’s work, he began to start his career from his college period and now he has been working for more than 30 years. Now he is the third to carry on his family’s workshop and working on plates, vases, ornaments, accessories and so on. Sobun Taka is a superb painter and a regular participant in art projects. His balanced color designs are highly popular in Japan.

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