Sashimono Business Card Holder / Oak

MSD-01602 ##


This card holder is entirely made from wood. Sashimono is joinery technique creates wooden furniture and items for daily life without using nail. As you know, the wooden grain worths seeing, and Sashimono is a craft to bring the worth. How about choosing traditional skills with an everyday item?

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Material: Oak, Chinese quince (inlaid and joint wood)
Size: 6.9x10.0x1.7cm / 2.72x3.94x0.67"
Weight: 48g / 1.69oz
Quantity Limited* No Limited
*Maximum quantity the artisan handmade the same product for overseas sales.


Daisuke Masuda
Wood Art (Edo Sashimono)
Renowned in the field of bamboo arts and crafts, Mr. Hosokawa began handcrafting with bamboo when he was 31 years old. He blends practicality and beauty in items that we use in our daily lives. The bags we feature today have been awarded a number of prizes by various traditional arts and crafts associations in Japan. Mr. Hosokawa has a recognized bamboo first-class professional skill (Amigumi braiding) and is a Kyoto-certified bamboo craftsman.