This necklace pendant is made from kokuso urushi (mixture of urushi, hemp cotton, wood powder and water-soluble paste), formed into a natural shape. It is painted with black urushi. The underlying inspiration in the artist’s urushi art is putting her audience in touch with Nature, something which gives her work a unique appeal.

— Our products are mostly handmade with natural materials, so they may differ in terms of shapes or coloring. Any differences are part of their charm and a sign of their uniqueness.
— Delivery time depends on the art or craft work ordered, its design and the number of items you order. Most goods are delivered in approximately three to six months. Your understanding is appreciated.


Material: Urushi, Wood powder, Hemp cotton, Cow leather string
Size: 2.4×3×1.3cm / 0.95×1.19×0.52″
Length of string: 70cm / 27.56″ (sliding adjuster attached)
Weight: 6g / 0.22oz
Quantity Limited* 10
*Maximum quantity the artisan handmade the same product for overseas sales.


Yuki Nakamura
Japanese Lacquer Art (Urushi Art)
Ms. Nakamura started doing Urushi art in Art College and has been creating Urushi works for 12 years. The underlying motive in her Urushi art is putting her audience in touch with Nature. “How can I get people to feel Nature through my art?” This is the question she asks herself: she answers it with her Urushi lacquer creations.

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