Ai Kojima

Ai Kojima
Enameling Works (Shippo-yaki)
Renowned in the field of bamboo arts and crafts, Mr. Hosokawa began handcrafting with bamboo when he was 31 years old. He blends practicality and beauty in items that we use in our daily lives. The bags we feature today have been awarded a number of prizes by various traditional arts and crafts associations in Japan. Mr. Hosokawa has a recognized bamboo first-class professional skill (Amigumi braiding) and is a Kyoto-certified bamboo craftsman.
Brief Personal History
2010Opened his bamboo workshop, KISETSU
2005-2007 Studied at Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto
1996-2005 Worked in the printing industry
1974Born in Tokyo
2012Culturel du Louvre “Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel”, France
2007MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Art) Exhibition, Italy


Mr. Hosokawa has selected some everyday bags from his collection, since these will really help people appreciate his bamboo handicraft. The braided bamboo he made is only 0.2mm thick and is much lighter than you would think. You will love the way its natural gloss and color gradually changes over time, similar to leather.
Production Process
Producing the sticks for bamboo arts and crafts
Craftsmen typically say that it takes more than three years to form the bamboo into sticks that are thin enough for handcrafting. This process is critical for producing beautiful bamboo art and craft works. The artisan splits the bamboo into thin sticks and peels off the outer layer. Then he measures the width, adjusts it, and planes off the edges. Finally he shaves the back of the stick. This is the basic process of making the materials need for bamboo handicraft.
Meticulous planning goes into each bamboo art work
The planning behind Mr. Hosokawa’s bags is meticulous. The dimensions, and even the number of sticks to be used, are carefully worked out before he starts braiding. He dyes the bamboo sticks and braids them to make the shape of the bag. Then he adds a firm bamboo stick and rattan to make the joints. He uses a variety of patterns to bring out the full richness and beauty of bamboo art.
The width of the sticks is strictly measured to ensure the various components fit precisely together, as shown in the picture above.
A clutch bag in the final stages of completion. Putting the two parts together to form the whole. The components are all handmade, so matching them together to create the end product requires skill and precision.
The bag on the right was made recently and the bag on the left has been used for 5 years You will love the way the color changes over time.

All items are made-to-order.

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