Wholesale prices are disclosed privately only to those retailers who are interested in purchasing.

Our wholesale prices are only available to trade customers (i.e. retailers, distributors and sales representatives) outside Japan. Please provide your shop information via our Quote Cart or contact us to verify eligibility.
Prices are strictly not disclosed on our website for our retailers’ benefit. Once we receive a quote request from a prospective customer, we will first disclose our retail prices for sales overseas. We will subsequently disclose wholesale prices once we reach an agreement with the retailer. You can see our Wholesale Terms and Conditions here on this website.
If you are interested in trading with us, please make a request through the Quote Cart Form, or contact us directly. We will send you the contract document after we receive your contact information.

Why consider JAPANIQUE products?

  1. The first of its kind in your market
  2. Unique, eye-catching, wearable art
  3. High-quality products made from natural materials
  4. The artisan community gives our products a strong brand identity
  5. Easy access to artisan information
  6. Links with a wide range of Japanese arts and crafts
    (We specialize in fashion accessories and home décor items, rather than art)