Japanique Arts & Crafts

All our products are unique, made by skilled Kogei artisans. Kogei (工芸) refers to techniques and products which blend artistic beauty and functionality in the creation of everyday items, using natural materials. There are many types of Kogei artisans, but the artisans we represent are distinguished by their creativity. In fact, many of their artworks have been displayed in Japanese art galleries. In this respect, we can say these artisans are truly artists in their own right!
We provide information on the artisans on each item page of our website, as if their products were museum exhibits. We feature their story, the concept behind each product, and the process of making it, on the Collection page.

Note: Our products are mostly handmade with natural materials, so they may differ in terms of shapes or coloring. Any differences are part of their charm and a sign of their uniqueness. Your understanding is appreciated.

Made-to-Order Production

We adopt a “made-to-order” approach in order to maintain our high standards of quality. While this approach may not be part of your normal business practice, your understanding is appreciated.

Delivery Time Frame

Delivery time depends on the art or craft work ordered, its design and the number of items you order. Most goods are delivered in approximately 3-6 months.

Limited Quantities

Most of our products for overseas sale are available in limited quantities only. You can tell your customers that each product is a work of art!

No Minimum Order Size

If you wish, you can order just one item on its own.

Custom-made Orders

We are happy to take individual requests. You can request a partial change of a design, motif or accessory parts, based on our sample collection. Use the Quote Cart Form (message space) to let us know your preferences or to point out what you would like to change. For more information, please see the Custom-Made Orders section.

We do not show pricing information on our website.

Prices are strictly not disclosed on our website for our retailers’ benefit. Also, note that the final price paid will vary depending on shipping costs for each destination country, import taxes and tariffs. Once we receive a quote request from a prospective customer, we will first disclose our retail prices for sales overseas. We will subsequently disclose wholesale prices once we reach an agreement with the retailer. You can see our Wholesale Terms and Conditions on this website.