International Shipping

We ship our products worldwide and deliver to your door. We handle all the paperwork and follow-up.

We ship our products direct to the delivery address via postal carrier (EMS) or courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL). When you request a quote, we will notify you of the shipping cost together with the item price. We will also inform you of the tariff schedule for export clearance from Japan.
The tracking number will be sent to you via e-mail when we dispatch your order. Orders shipped by EMS or courier can be tracked directly online.
An order usually arrives 3-10 business days after it is shipped. Factors such as weekends, national holidays, customs clearance and delayed payments of duties and taxes may extend shipping time. Your delivery may also be delayed by weather, or other circumstances. Postal and courier services typically only deliver on business days during office hours.

Shipping Costs

The shipping cost varies according to the shipping destination, shipping method, and the weight of the package. To give you an idea of potential costs, we have listed the indicative shipping charges for a courier (UPS) and for EMS below.

UPS Shipping Rate (Price in US Dollars)
Country Weight of Package
Up to 0.5kg Additional 0.5kg
China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia
79.00 10.75
Australia, New Zealand, India 85.00 20.60
United States, Canada 92.00 22.40
United Arab Emirates 152.30 33.15
United Kingdom, France, Germany 107.50 31.40
Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland 116.50 37.65
Russia, Brazil, South Africa 162.20 43.00

Updated: 31 March 2016

We usually use UPS because they offer a fast, door-to-door, local and international, pickup and delivery service; they are specialists in international shipping. Orders will be delivered to the local transport service in Japan and then passed to UPS for international shipping.

Note: If you have a courier account number (FedEx, UPS, DHL) and pay the shipping cost yourself, you can choose your own designated courier service. In this case, you should take out your own shipping insurance as well. Title and risk of loss for items ordered will transfer to the recipient on pick-up by or delivery to the carrier in Japan. (as per Incoterms 2010, FCA Osaka).


EMS Shipping Rates (Price in US Dollars)
Region Weight of Package
Up to 0.5kg Additional 0.5kg
Asia 14.50 6.20
Oceania 17.80 8.00
North America, Central America 17.80 8.00
Middle East 17.80 8.00
Europe 20.50 8.90
South America 23.10 15.10
Africa 23.10 15.10

Updated: 31 March 2016

EMS is an international postal express mail service, suitable for simple shipments of up to 30 kg to over 120 countries and territories worldwide.

Customs, Duties & Taxes

The customs office of the destination country may impose customs fees, import duties, VAT, taxes, and other charges on your international order where applicable. Any additional charges required for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. When your order arrives at customs, either our shipper, EMS or the courier service, or the customs office, will contact you directly to arrange for the payment of any charges that may be due. In some circumstances, the courier may be required to pay certain duties and taxes, in advance, on a customer’s behalf.
For instance, couriers may pay an advance fee when countries require that duties and taxes be paid prior to customs release or prior to certain items clearing customs. In these instances, couriers will add an Advancement Fee surcharge. This will be billed to the party designated to pay duties and taxes (i.e. the recipient).

Shipping Insurance

Our prices include shipping insurance. This protects your order from the moment it leaves JAPANIQUE to when it is delivered. Details of how to make a claim will be provided following your purchase in your order confirmation email. Otherwise, please contact customer-support@japanique.biz directly.

Note: We do not use sea mail*. We are an approved exporter in Japan and have detailed knowledge of Incoterms. If you would like to request a specific type of other shipment, please let us know through the Quote Cart Form or contact us directly.
*Sea mail is not available. All our products are small and fragile, so we prefer to avoid any risk of damage from extended transportation time.

Please feel free to ask us if you have further questions.