Custom-Made Orders

Feel free to make any request you like, however small. We will do our best to respond.

We would love to hear any individual requests you may have. You can request a partial change of the design, motif or accessory parts, based on our sample collection. Please let us know your preferences or just point out what you would like to change via the Quote Cart Form (use the message space).

We welcome orders which are customized “from start to finish”. We would be delighted to help you create your own perfect piece.

If you already have something special in mind, or need an artisan’s inspiration for something more spectacular, we are more than willing to help. Please tell us what you would like to make, which items, or which artisan’s style you like, through Quote Cart Form. Or contact us directly. We will make every effort to respond to your requests in a thorough and timely manner.
Our philosophy is that new ideas help our designs hit new heights. Our hope is that the chemistry between your idea and our Japanese Kogei art techniques produces something unique and innovative. We promise to implement your idea as faithfully as we can, with helpful suggestions from our skilled artisans.

Cost of a Custom-made Order

The cost depends on the design, art materials used and complexity of your request, as well as the order size. For slight changes only, we will keep any additional costs to a minimum, as our products are made-to-order anyway. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Accessory Parts

Have you ever wished you could change a necklace cord? Needless to say, these kinds of details are crucial for your final purchase decision. So we offer a variety of accessory parts, or you can adjust the length of necklace cords and bracelet strings.
Fashion styles in other countries may differ from those in Japan, although we try to select the accessories which we believe suit each item best. If you would like to change an accessory, let us know via the Quote Cart Form, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Design Patents (For shop retailers only)

We are interested in collaborating with designers overseas, and understand the importance of patents in business. Please contact us to discuss how we may partner with you.