Creator Lookup

By reading the QR Code or URL on the item tag, users can see who made the product.

All of our products are shipped with an item tag or card printed with a QR code and URL. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can easily check artisan information by scanning the QR code, or entering the URL into your browser. The website outlines their story – their career as an artisan, the concept behind the products, and the techniques used in making them.

Note: If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download the QR code reader/scanner for free from Android Apps (Google Play) or the App store for iPhone/iPad.

Two key benefits!

Firstly, your customers can easily access detailed information about the artisan as they shop, or else when they return home. Secondly, your shop staff can provide customers with additional information via their tablet. We believe that knowing something about the artisan, and the story behind the art work, brings the product to life and creates a bond with the customer.